Wild Washerwomen – travelling laundrette construction

Some of the travelling toolboxers were contacted by a group called the Wild Washerwomen who were trying to set up a mobile laundrette that could be taken to refugee camps abroad.

They had a Mk6 Transit van and wanted to have 2 washing machines, a dryer, a waste water tank a bed for volunteers, and  a generator to power the laundrette. The idea was that you could find a place with a stand pipe, wash clothes and the drive to deposit the water off site.

We helped them to select appliances that were as low power and water consumption as possible as water supply and waste water dumping is an issue in many camps.  We also sourced some used batteries to power lighting when the generator isnt running.

The build took about 3 days at the end of July and survived its first ‘wet’ run.

It was then taken to Calais refugee aid distribution centre spent a couple of days washing donated items then headed to the camp formally know as ‘the jungle’ and helped to wash cloths and bedding and has been touring Europe off and on ever since.